sábado, abril 19, 2008

An old aquaintance

V Says:

You've spent some time keeping me away, but I've never been far, and these days you've been beckoning me. It's me you feel when you wish you'd go green and I try to make it happen for you; I stirr and shake you, you can see my efforts in your hands and you can feel it in your heart.

I make you lust for blood, not yours, of course. I only seek to avenge you, to keep you from being the stupid softheart way too willing to forgive and forget. I make you strong, reselient, and focused. It's me you turn to when you need to feel powerful, and you know it.

You say:
NO! I'm strong out of my own will, otherwise I'd not be strong when there's white light shining through. You're a part of me yes, and for some reason or another I haven't vanished you, but soon I will.

V says:
You're too weak to keep me away. I'll end up setting up shop for good.

You say:
I've been fighting you long enough to know you're a coward, and that you're arrogance will quickly turn to fear. You offer no real strenght. We're bonded, but you won't control me. In fighting you I've improved and I've found a source of light. You will someday not cast a shadow.

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vampir hunter d
no clue

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