miércoles, marzo 02, 2005

Moments of clarity

Well, I was expecting a very tough day today. To my surprise, I had time to finish up early, and hell, even to post something short (and dunno if sweet :p).

In the morning, things didn't look too promising, got up early, piked up R2 and went for a detailed description of what the hell we were gonna do as "translators" in the evening, and to see if we were going to get paid. After that, a quick stop at home and I ran off to Rancho. It took a bit longer than expected to implement the color changes (due mostly to the fact you have to work in text mode with a file, and" search & replace" in notepad has a limited amount of usability). Fortunatly the code is very well documented, so after applying the time honored "RTFM" principle, things looked promising. Until our supervisor asked me if "we were going to leave the default color for the bar?". It was blue, and considering everything else was orange, it looked good. But then switching to a brown logo (insted of the classic blue and orange one) threw everything off. I came home with the task of setting things up so tomorrow I can make the changes in less than 1 hour before our presentation. I had no clue how I was going to pull it off, but then I just looked around. And there was a hill, and in my prespective, an orange caution sign, and with the blue sky, it worked. "PRAISE THE LORD, HALELLUYA!".

Then I ran to school only to find out I was not going to have the course that was scheduled, so I did some graduation things that were pending. Came home, switched to a suit, and ran off to the place we were going to translate. Well, we never ended up speaking more than 4 continuous words of english, and most of the time we just stood there. After 2 hours, we were dismissed, with the possibility of going tomorrow to get our money.

Got home early, did the nessesary looking up of color codes for the pages, and I'm hoping tomorrow everything comes off as well as today. I do think I can have the page ready in about half an hour (compared to the 2hours it took me today). Let's see if I'm not underestimating anything.

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